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Lipton Peach Iced Teeeeeea!

So sorry for the radio silence, folks! It’s been busy over here at Aaron Phillips Industries! You may have heard Aaron’s voice on TV for Embassy Suites or AIG, on the radio for Denny’s…or maybe you saw his whole body as the FACE for the new Lipton Iced Tea campaign! That’s right, Aaron plays Carl, a Lipton Iced Tea delivery man along side his trusty partner, Stu (played by the very talented Chris Critelli)! You can check out the link below, or just watch your TV’s. Be sure to check Aaron’s facebook page or twitter for more info, and more spots starring Carl and Stu in the wild!

Wrathion interview

Hey Warcraft fans! So the folks over at ( tracked me down for an interview about Wrathion/Voice Acting/Me. They asked some great questions, and they’re a great website, so head on over and give them some traffic!

Wrathion @ BlizzCon 2013

The title says it all, really, but YES! It’s true. I’ll be at BlizzCon this year on the voice over panel and signing autographs for anyone that wants ’em. So cruise on over to the World of Warcraft stuff and say hi if you’re there. If not, swing by my youtube, facebook, and twitter pages to keep track of my future exploits!

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Waging Warcraft

Back into the studio today to record more of Wrathion, the black dragon prince in World of Warcraft!

We’ll see what I have my minions headed out to do THIS time. Muahahahahaha!

I’s Twinkle

If you’re in the NYC area, come and check out the first act of the third part of what will soon be one of the most beautiful and interesting three nights of theatre you’ll see in a long time!

That’s a long way of saying you should come and see this reading of I’s Twinkle with Aaron Phillips, written by Nate Weida.

This Tuesday, May 21st at Judson Memorial Church

Disney in NC

North Carolina, come on and raise up!

Disney In Concert is coming to your beautiful Meymandi Concert Hall in Raleigh! We’ll be performing with the North Carolina Symphony on the 10th and 11th (evening show on the 10th, daytime and evening shows on the 11th). Come on out and see Aaron Phillips and friends singing all your favorite classic Disney tunes backed by the powerful NC Symphony!

Lord of the Rings: Online

Don’t play it? Maybe you should. What are you doing with your life? Already play it? Go find Corudan or Horn and listen to the vocal stylings of Aaron Phillips.


That’s right, just finished another voiceover session with the folks at Hamsterball Studios and Turbine!

Wisconsin Tourism

Hey Wisconsin friends!

I guess you probably won’t hear it unless you’re living outside the state, but Aaron happens to be one of the new voices of Wisconsin Tourism. So if you ARE out of the state, keep an ear on the radio for his ad!

New Photos!

Be sure to check out the new photos in the gallery (and on the home page) courtesy of the lovely and talented Mr. Eric Reichbaum. And then pay his site a visit, talk about a photographer on the rise!


Check out this Vimeo link while it’s still available! I’ll have a clip or two up in videos soon, but at least for now, you can view the entire film right here!

Cooners from Brett Glass on Vimeo.

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