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Tim Walsh
Atlas Talent
15 E. 32nd Street 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Office: 212.730.4500
Fax: 212.730.5821


Lipton Iced Tea (Carl of Carl and Stu, On camera and voice over, National TV, radio, internet and print)
Verizon “Spoilers Premium” (On camera, National TV)
Cartoon Network “Hugs” (Promo campaign)
Embassy Suites “Dad Door” (National TV)
Geico “Mountain Bike” (National Radio)
Geico “Almond” (National Radio)
Staples “Get your name out” (National Radio and internet)
Staples “Laptop” (National Radio and internet)
Denny’s “Dad Singing” (National Radio)
Chili’s Flatbread (Online and National TV)
Pepsi Invitational (National TV)
Hilton Getaway (National Radio)
Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits (Radio)
Wisconsin Tourism (Radio)
Weather Channel (Promo)
Johnson & Johnson BBQ Grill (National TV)
Israel Ministry of Tourism – 5 Spot TV Campaign – Bodden Partners
Circle K – (3 spots) – Laster Productions
CASIO “Super Kids” – SIGHT Entertainment, Inc.
Optimum Wifi – Cablevision
Dragon’s Dogma (VG Trailer) – Capcom/Maverick Studios


GTA V – Castro – Rockstar
World of Warcraft – Wrathion – Blizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone – Various Voices – Blizzard Entertainment
Deadmund’s Quest – Sir Roland/Captain/Mechanic – Sony Entertainment
Lord of the Rings: Online – Bosi/Elrond – Warner Brothers
Red Dead Redemption – Sergeant – Rockstar Games
Dragon’s Dogma (Trailer) – Glynn – Capcom
Dungeons and Dragons – Lars Heyton – Hasbro
Dance Central 3 – Bodie – Explosion Robinson/Harmonix
Dance Central 2 –  Bodie – Explosion Robinson/Harmonix
Titanic – Robert – Hamsterball Studios


Sex Galaxy  – Billy (lead) – Stag Films
Minutes . . . Buffer Zone – Marvin Mumm (lead) – Dave Kellum Comics
3 Pang Fighter – Dr. Knuckles/Various Char. – Susan Ruttan (prod.)
Vipo the Flying Wonderdog – Blacky the Sheep – Joie Albrecht (dir.)


Yoon’s Smart Readers – Lead Male and others – EECI
Rainbow Readers – Lead Male and others – EECI
Yes or No: Better Decisions – Narrator/Various voices – Dae Shin Studios
English Language Learning – Narrator/Various voices – Disney ESL
Weekly Reader – Narrator/Various voices – Singlish Productions
Case of the Friendly Corpse – Jules Riley (Lead) – Mad Hatter Studios
Final Blackout -Various voices – Mad Hatter Studios
Battlefield Earth –Various voices – Mad Hatter Studios


Exxon Corporate
Ringtone Characters –
Evergreen Oil – Hyrax Productions Informative Video – Digital Fuel
Informational Video – XpoLog
Mad Riders – Maverick Productions


Coaches: Acting: Richard Gang (2004 – 2005), Jim Wren (2003 – present), John Roucco (2009)
Voice Over: William Williams (2007 – present)